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Our family of healthcare agencies provides opportunities to work across Australia.

You and Aus Agencies

Our family of healthcare agencies provides opportunities to work across Australia.

Who We Are

With You+Aus (You and Aus), you’re not alone. Our team is committed to providing you with the best professional opportunities and local support while staying in Australia.

You+Aus is Australia’s number one provider of casual and permanent work for travelling healthcare professionals. Our agencies are united by a commitment to providing the best local care and opportunities for our people. We offer flexible roles in a variety of sectors. We can also help you up-skill through ongoing training and personal development initiatives.

Australia is recognised as a leader in education and development; our healthcare systems are using innovation to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Join a thriving healthcare community, improve your knowledge and explore this wonderful country.

We support you from the moment you register, helping you to relocate while placing you with an agency. You can travel around Australia, learn new skills and connect with You+Aus agencies wherever you go.

Network nursing agency (NNA)

Work available: Sydney

NNA aims to find nursing and midwifery roles where hard work is rewarded and where nurses can find their perfect work-life balance. The agency offers competitive pay rates and flexible roster arrangements for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, midwives and Assistant in Nursing (AINs). One of the benefits of being a locally owned and operated Sydney nursing agency is that the NNA allocations team is on a first-name basis with many healthcare facilities. NNA has genuine preferred provider status with multiple facilities, including major groups. This status affords their nurses with the benefits of excellent pay, advanced bookings and a variety of shifts.

  • Preferred provider status
  • Competitive pay rates
  • Flexible rosters

VNS Nursing Agency (VNS)

Work available: Melbourne and Geelong

VNS has over 20 years of experience providing Victorian healthcare facilities with skilled agency nurses and midwives across a wide range of clinical areas. Created by a registered nurse, who experienced the challenges of working full-time and balancing a busy life, VNS gives nurses and midwives the opportunity to pick their shifts and create the lifestyle they want.

  • Support from a friendly team
  • Flexible hours
  • Diverse range of opportunities

First Choice Care (FCC)

Work available: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Rural and Remote locations across Australia.

FCC engages with a wide range of providers to offer diverse work opportunities across public, private and aged care facilities. The agency works with some of the best facilities in Queensland and offers flexible nursing and midwife roles that pay above industry rates. FCC finds jobs for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, midwives and AINs (assistant in nursing) in Brisbane and beyond.

  • Flexible roles to suit lifestyle
  • Pay above industry rates
  • Connections with leading healthcare facilities

Carestaff Nursing Services (Carestaff)

Work available: Gold Coast and Northern NSW

Carestaff provides casual and contract roles to registered, enrolled, and assistant nurses across major healthcare organisations throughout the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales. The agency supports every nurse to maintain a fantastic work-life balance. Carestaff also provides a wide range of working opportunities across aged care, the community sector and local hospitals.

  • Supports a healthy work-life balance
  • Broad range of opportunities across multiple health sectors
  • Casual and contract roles


Work available: Melbourne

SwingShift Nurses has an immediate need for a wide variety of nursing staff throughout Melbourne. The agency specialises in recruiting mental health nurses but is also looking for other specialisations, including Division 1 registered nurses and midwives.

  • Immediate need for mental health nurses
  • Emphasis on work-life balance
  • Rewarding workplace culture

Edmen Community Staffing Solutions (Edmen)

Work available: National

Edmen provides casual work opportunities in the disability, youth and aged care sectors. Based in the Illawarra, just over an hour south of Sydney, Edmen has grown from humble beginnings by creating long-standing partnerships with the community service sector. – leaders in the community space – flexible and rewarding work – committed to better outcomes for the community.

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“There is real flexibility choosing shifts, and great pay opportunities”

Shauna, Theatre Nurse, shares her experience
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We’re here to help. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, be sure to contact someone from our team.

Where do I start?

Our team of international recruitment consultants can walk you through the entire process, from preparing your AHPRA registration and discussing your visa options to chatting about work opportunities. They’ll also advise on which You+Aus (You and Aus) agency would be best suited to support you. To start the process, simply register with You+Aus here and we’ll be in touch to go through the next steps. 

When should I apply for AHPRA?

This varies and depends on your individual travel plans. The average application takes 4-6 months to come through at an ‘in principle’ stage. Once you reach this stage, you’ll need to go to one of the AHPRA offices in Australia within a certain timeframe. We’ll help you work out a time to apply that suits your travel plans.

What visas can I apply for?

The most common visa is a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) 417. This gives you full work and travel rights throughout Australia. There are also multiple sponsorship visas that we can help with if you’d like extend your stay. 

Can I travel and work with You+Aus?

We have multiple agencies within our network, operating across Australia’s cities and in rural and remote locations. You only need to register with You+Aus once; we can then transfer your file and set you up to work in each state and territory once you feeling like moving on. 

Can I work in rural and remote locations in Australia?

It takes incredible people to nurse within the rural and remote (R&R) communities of Australia. You+Aus gives extraordinary nurses and midwives the chance to build a career and lifestyle they love while making a lasting impact on communities that sorely need access to quality healthcare. Contracts in R&R locations can vary from a few weeks to a few months. To learn more about these placements, contact the You+Aus team today.

Do you help with organising accommodation?

We’ll give you advice on where to live, and local rental markets, based on your lifestyle and plans. If you decide to work in a rural or remote contract, clients sometimes offer accommodation and travel packages that cover a lot of your living expenses. 

How much will I get paid?

Salaries depend on a number of factors, including the part of Australia you work in, your level of experience, and the role type, e.g. permanent or casual. However, compared to the UK or Ireland our nurses always tell us just how good the pay is in Aus!

Will I be supported when I arrive in Australia?

Yes. Once You+Aus positions you with one of our agencies, you’ll be in good hands. Our local agencies were established as family-run businesses and are focused on supporting their people. The allocations team will help you find shifts in your preferred area of specialisation in locations that are close to home. If you decide that you want a change of scene, simply contact the You+Aus team and they’ll help you to transfer to another part of Aus. Should you decide to go into permanent work with a client, you will be supported by that hospital or facility.