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Article 8 December 2023

5 reasons to choose Brisbane to work as a nurse

If you’ve been eyeing up a working holiday in Australia and want to base yourself in a city that gives you the best travel opportunities in the country, look no further than Brisbane. Known by many titles including the River City, Meanjin, and Brissy, it’s Australia’s third largest city and not one to sleep on. This city has grown to become one of Australia’s most eclectic and exciting cities, with lots of things happening and a tonne of career benefits for nurses.


To help you understand why Brisbane has become one of Australia’s most popular cities for nurses, we’ve broken down our top 5 reasons to love the city. Let’s dive in.


1. The weather

Looking for perfect beach weather year-round? Brisbane’s got it. As Australia’s sunniest state capital, the city is perfect for going for a surf, sunbaking, taking a stroll, or just enjoying the bright warm days. There’s not a lot of rain too, so you can safely get out and about in your shorts and thongs (flip flops) and enjoy a lazy day.


Winter is extremely mild in Brisbane, with it feeling like a slightly cooler Spring or Autumn, so you can get out and about during the day without a jacket. Summers can get hot and humid, but everywhere tends to be air-conditioned, or you can just cool off by jumping into the pool.



2. It’s perfect for families

For nurses with families, you want to move to a city where your kids will thrive. You want great schools, outdoor spaces for them to play in, epic things to keep them busy on the weekends, and homes that give your family enough space to thrive. Brisbane ticks each of those boxes many times over.


The city has incredible parks that are made for kids. There’s space for great extracurricular activities like cricket, football, rugby, and more, plus there are playgrounds that are built to entertain kids for hours. On top of that, you’ll find a tonne of kid-friendly outdoor activities like bike trails, wetlands, and water parks.


Then you have the educational opportunities. Brisbane is filled with amazing schools, both public and private, plus some of the best universities in the world (more on that later). Add to that an unlimited number of fun educational experiences like the museum, art galleries, libraries, unique events for kids, and more.


3. It’s the day-trip capital

While there’s a lot to do in Brisbane, the best part of the city is that it is at the centre of Australia’s most exciting region. The full Australian experience is only a few hours’ drive away. There are day trips available in all directions out of the city.


To the north, you have the beach towns of the Sunshine Coast. There you’ll find beautiful beaches, quaint local shops, delicious wine, and gorgeous rainforests. South you’ll find the Gold Coast. It’s filled with theme parks, one of Australia’s most famous stretches of beaches, fresh seafood, a creative local arts scene, and relaxed shopping streets.


Beyond beach towns, out west you have country Australia. It’s got some jaw-dropping scenery, incredible hiking trails, farm-to-table restaurants, and relaxing farm stays. There truly is a lot to do within a few hours’ drive outside of Brisbane.


4. Some of the best healthcare facilities in the country

It’s not just about travel opportunities, you also want the opportunity to take your career to new heights. In Brisbane, you’ll find some of the best healthcare facilities in Australia. Both public and private healthcare facilities utilise advanced healthcare practices and technologies to provide an extremely high level of care.


The quality of healthcare facilities in Brisbane attracts some of the best healthcare professionals in the world. So, while working in these facilities you will work alongside, and learn from, some incredible healthcare professionals. You’ll be working side by side, supporting patients, and overcoming unique challenges, growing your skills as a nurse.


5. Learn at some of the top educational institutes in the world

If you’re looking to further your skills as a nurse one of the best things you can do is embark on extra study. You’ll be able to specialise in a healthcare field that you are most passionate about, advancing your career. Brisbane is the best city to do this.


In Brisbane, you have some of the best educational institutes in the world. Universities like QUT, UQ, and Griffith all have excellent healthcare programs that will allow you to learn a new specialisation. With quality facilities, a great reputation, and incredible teachers, you’ll evolve your career and deliver a higher level of care for your patients.



There isn’t any other city in the world quite like Brisbane. With its great weather, countless day trip opportunities, laid-back culture, and world-class healthcare facilities, any nurse will be hard-pressed to find a better place to live or travel in. Whether you’re on a working holiday visa, looking to study, or want a permanent placement, you’ll love Brisbane and the opportunities it provides.


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