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Article 2 February 2024

5 things to pack for your working holiday in Australia

Australia is an extremely diverse continent, filled with different environments and temperatures. If you’re going to be here for a year or more on a working holiday visa, then you’ll need to be prepared for all this diversity. You’ll need to pack the right things for cold Melbourne and hot Darwin.

The biggest question we get from nurses looking to undertake a working holiday is what exactly you should pack. There’s a lot you can pack, but here are 5 things that need to be in your suitcase.


1. Prepare for the heat

Australia is famous for hot weather, so it’s best to be prepared. There are some obvious things to pack like shorts, t-shirts, breathable underwear, and flip-flops. But Australia also has an extremely high UV rating which is important to prepare for

To protect your skin from the summer sun it’s important to pack hats that shade your face and ears, sunglasses, and sunscreen. It’s recommended that the sunscreen you choose is waterproof and is rated at SPF 30+. If you’re going to buy sunscreen in Australia, check out the Cancer Council brand as they are often considered the best.

Beyond protection from the sun, you’ll want to prepare for the beach, pools, and epic water parks across the country. Bring along a beach towel, and some swimmers (a swimsuit) so you can enjoy the fun right away without having to worry about purchasing it all here.


2. Prepare for the cold

You know about the heat, but one thing which surprises people is that it can get quite cold here too. This is especially true the further south that you travel. Melbourne and Sydney can get quite chilly in winter and some country towns will even see snow. If you’re going to be in a southern city during winter you’ll want to bring a light coat and a scarf to keep yourself warm and protected from cold winds.

On top of this, it’s a good idea to bring warm pyjamas as Australian houses can get cold as they are built for hot weather. While you’re here you can get an Aussie favourite, some Ugg boots, and a dressing gown or warm blanket to get you through winter.

If you’ll be skiing during the winter, bring along a snow jacket, a beanie, and some gloves to keep you warm on the slopes.


3. The right bags

Having the right bags is so important. You want to be able to be prepared for each adventure you embark on. Fortunately, you don’t need a tonne of different bags, but here’s three you should take.

  • A backpack. Make sure to bring along a backpack that is both light and spacious. You’ll need to be able to carry enough water for long walks, portable chargers, snacks, souvenirs, and anything else you’ll need that day. The specific backpack will come down to personal preference, but we recommend going for at least 65L.
  • A tote bag. This will be your beach and shopping lifesaver. When going to the beach you need a bag that you’re not afraid to get a little sand in, can carry your towel and swimmers, and is light. A tote bag is perfect. You’ll also use it for grocery shopping as supermarkets across Australia charge for plastic bags in an effort to reduce plastic usage.
  • A small purse or bumbag. These are perfect for storing cash and cards for a trip to the markets and snacks on hikes.


4. Electronics

Knowing which electronics you should take can be a tough decision. Some essentials like power adapters, a good pair of headphones and your phone should be brought along. But your laptop and tablet can be left behind depending on your needs.

Bring your laptop along if you need it to do some work, want to blog, or need it for your hobbies. Otherwise, leave it behind and bring an iPad. You’ll be able to complete any day-to-day tasks and watch Netflix without it taking up much space.


5. Toiletries

While you’ll be able to get all of your toiletries in Australia, for some it can be challenging navigating the shops and unfamiliar products to find what you want. So, bring along your toiletries and replace them over time while you’re here. That way you don’t need to find everything at once and have one less thing to tick off when you arrive.

Be sure to pack toothpaste, soap, shampoo, your medication, makeup, towels, a hairbrush, and all else you need. If you’re low on space, take some travel-sized versions of your favourite toiletries. These will last you long enough for you to get settled in.



Knowing what to bring on your working holiday can be tough. But if you get the essentials down then you’ll have a much less stressful time when you arrive. You’ll be able to hit the ground running, get started working, and explore the country.

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