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Article 10 January 2018

7 weird and wonderful facts about Melbourne

When people think of Australian cities, we’re willing to bet that most people think of Sydney.

Contrary to popular belief, Sydney is not the capital of Australia. And there’s another city vying for your attention: Melbourne.

The sibling rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney is almost as old as modern Australia.

Ask any Melburnian, and they’ll rant and rave about how their city has better restaurants, better coffee, better football teams, better events and a better music scene.

We’ve put together this list of ten interesting facts about Melbourne to set the record straight and spread the good word to our overseas visitors. (We’ll let you make up your own mind about the Melbourne vs. Sydney debate…)

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Welcome to Melbourne!

Oceans and continents might separate Melbourne from the US, UK and Canada but believe us when we tell you that the distance is worth it.

1. World’s most livable city

Melbourne is the undisputed reigning champ when it comes to the world’s most liveable city rankings. In fact, our fair city has now held the title for seven years in a row!

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne scored 97.5 out of 100 in its list which assesses the stability, education, healthcare, infrastructure, culture and environment in 140 different cities.

2. Australia’s sporting capital

A common title that people give Melbourne is Australia’s Sporting Capital.

In addition to being the centre of Australia’s local sporting scene, the city is also the home of some of the biggest and most globally recognised events in the world, including:

  • The Australian Open Grand Slam
  • Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • MotoGP
  • International test cricket

And in the recent past, we’ve played host to international sporting major events like:

  • The 2006 Commonwealth Games
  • The 2007 FINA World Swimming Championships
  • The 2010 UCI Road World Championships
  • The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup
  • The 2015 AFC Asian Cup

Melbourne’s international sporting prestige is so widely recognised, that in 2016 it was voted the sporting city of the decade.

So for any sports-obsessed visitors coming down to Australia, your city of choice is clear!

3. The city of Batmania

Did you know: at one stage, Melbourne was going to be named Batmania?

It sounds made up, right? But it in fact true!

Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with Gotham’s Caped Crusader, Batman. Instead, the name was meant to pay tribute to one of city founding fathers, John Batman.

Nonetheless, it’s a fun piece of trivia and a nice conversation starter!

4. Learn the story of the Kelly Gang

Who doesn’t love a good crime thriller? Gangster movies have it all: revenge, compelling antiheroes and exciting shootouts – what’s not to love?

Here’s a fun fact for the cinephiles reading this: did you know that the world’s first full-length narrative feature film was also a crime movie filmed in Melbourne in 1906?  

The silent film centred on the adventures of outlaw Ned Kelly, a historical Australian outlaw, and his gang during the late 1800s. Kelly’s iconic suit of armour is actually still viewable in the Old Melbourne Gaol.

In 2007, the film was included in UNESCO’s  Memory of the World Register.  

5. Experience the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

If you’re up for a unique culinary experience, then hop on The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

Where else would you find this unique and innovative dining concept than in Melbourne?

Since 1983, The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant has made use of a fleet of historical trams and has converted them to restaurants on wheels.

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant rolls three times a day, 365 days a year.

If you’re keen to try this highly noteworthy Melbourne attraction and indulge in a culinary experience like no other.

Speaking of trams…

6. Hitch a ride on the world’s largest tram network

Did you know that the world’s largest tram network isn’t anywhere in Europe, but is actually right here in Melbourne?

As of May 2017, the Melbourne tramway network consists of 250kms (160 miles) of the track. It is made up of 493 trams, 24 routes, and 1,763 tram stops.

In terms of sheer size, Melbourne’s system handily beats out cities such as Moscow, Berlin and Vienna. In fact, our tram network has more tracks than every single system in the US combined.

Visitors who want to explore the city will be pleased to hear that all trams within the city centre are 100% free now, which makes getting from place to place in the CBD is easier than ever.

7. Immerse yourself in an ultra-diverse culture

Melbourne is one of the most racially and culturally diverse places in Australia.

And this is evident by the fact that more than one in four Victorians (28 per cent) reported being born overseas.  Here are a couple of quick facts about Melbourne’s diversity:

  • England and India are tied for the common country of birth outside of Australia
  • Melbourne is home to the largest Greek-speaking population outside of Europe
  • Melbourne’s Chinatown is the longest continuous Chinese settlement in the western world
  • 46% of Aussies have an overseas-born parent

Here’s another amazing fact about Melbourne…

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