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Nursing 10 January 2021

Why is Australia a popular destination for Canadian nurses?

O Canada!

You mightn’t think that the great white north and the Land Down Under share too many similarities.

One known for its lush green (when it isn’t frozen over), and the other known for its dry, arid, and wide open land.

You might even say they’re polar opposites, if you’ll pardon the pun!

Yet in spite of that, both of our nations are closely entwined, sharing similar histories, much of our culture and a language (except Quebec!)

All of these make Australia the perfect destination for qualified Canadian nurses looking to go on a bit of an adventure. There’s always a place for Canucks down here!


Why come Down Under, eh?

There are plenty of reasons to consider a working holiday in Australia.

Chief among them are the work opportunities – after all, it’s not much of a working holiday if you can’t find reliable nursing jobs while you’re here!

You’ll be pleased to know that there is huge demand for Canadian nurses throughout the country.

Not only is healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy in Australia, but there’s a shortage of doctors and nurses Australia-wide.

And the best part: when you register with You+Aus, you have the freedom to choose when and where you work.


Why Canadian nurses choose Australia

When you get off the plane at Melbourne or Sydney after a 15+ hour flight, the first thing you’ll probably feel is an overwhelming sense of exhaustion and jet lag.

The second thing you’ll feel? An overwhelming feeling of familiarity.

You’d imagine being on opposite ends of the globe would make us pretty different.

And while we may be a full day apart, Australians and Canadians are much closer culturally and socially than the physical distance between us would suggest.

The most obvious sign of our similarity is our shared language, which makes Australia the perfect destination for your working holiday.

With You+Aus, Canadian nurses will have no trouble finding work and fitting into the Aussie lifestyle.

There’s so much to see in Australia!

Australia and Canada both comfortably sit at the head of the pack when it comes to the world’s largest countries.

And with that comes a smorgasbord of fantastic road trip destinations and Instagram-worth vistas to explore in both.

So if you’ve tapped out the great white north (a tall order), Australia is the logical next step!

Canada and Australia share history

Canada and Australia share much of their history with each other. But it goes beyond both being part of the Commonwealth and having Queen Elizabeth as Head of State.

It’s a well-known and widely celebrated fact that the first modern Australian settlements were convict colonies. But did you know that Canada got its start in much the same way?

A rich history of multiculturalism

Both countries have histories with multiculturalism, although Canada got a much earlier start thanks to its mixed English-French heritage.

In more recent times, both countries have welcome with open arms immigrants from all over the globe, and there’s been increasing recognition of the indigenous populations of both.

Walk around any street in a major Australian or Canadian and it’s like going on a miniature tour of the world.

The most liveable cities

Canada and Australia both punch well above their weight when it comes to the quality of life our cities offer.

In fact, out of the top 10 ranked cities, we share six of them between us (three each!)

Take your working holiday Down Under and you won’t have to worry about taking a step down in liveability – in fact, you could very well be taking a step up if you choose Melbourne!

World-leading healthcare

Much like Canada, Australia has a comprehensive healthcare system that provides a wide range of medical care to all citizens for little or no cost.


Want to work as a nurse in Australia?

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Are you a Canadian nurse looking for a bit of adventure or perhaps a change in scenery? An Australian adventure might be just the thing for you!

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