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Nursing 6 March 2021

5 cultural essentials you need for your Working Holiday Down Under

With a little help from You+Aus, your working holiday in Australia is finally on track!

Your luggage is packed, the visas are in order, and you’ve already organised accommodation for when you land.

Time to officially start the countdown towards your departure!

A lot of planning goes into preparing for a working holiday. But have you put any thought into what you need to bring with you?

We’ve already written a helpful blog post about the important essentials you will need in Australia – including an intro to our public transport ticket system as well as advice on finding accommodation – so brush up on that blog post here.

This time, though, we’re not talking clothing or luggage – we’re talking about what you need to bring to comfortably slip into the Aussie lifestyle.

If you’re going to be spending months living and working in Australia, or if this is your first time travelling here, it’s important that you fit into the Aussie culture.

We’ve put together a list of five important things you should bring with you to ensure you get the absolute most out of your stay here.


The ability to laugh at yourself

Aussies have a great sense of humour. We’re some of the most laid-back people on the planet, and we love a good sense of humour.

Playful banter, witty insults, affectionately rude nicknames… it’s all part of the Australian DNA (and can actually foster trust!)

There aren’t many places in the world where an insult indicates a friendship, but Australia is certainly one of them. (The harsher the insult, the better the friendship!)

One of the best traits of our culture is our ability to laugh at ourselves. Whether that’s poking fun at our own shortcomings, laughing at our mistakes or gently ribbing our friends, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

And if you want to fit in during your time here, neither should you!

With an open, positive, and friendly attitude – and quick wit – you’ll fit right in!



From birth, Aussie kids are raised with the mantra “Slip, slop, slap.”

Protecting one’s skin from the sun is a big deal Down Under. While Australia is home to many great things, it’s also home to some of the highest UV rays.

So if you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors during your stay here, we recommend buying as much sunscreen as possible – and maybe a nice hat to go with it.

Read more about our sun protection programs here.


A taste for coffee

Whatever the style – cappuccino, flat white, macchiato – Australians love a good coffee.

Australia’s capital cities are home to arguably the most vibrant coffee shops and culture in the southern hemisphere, and possibly the world.

Remember the avocado latte that made the rounds on social media a couple of months ago?

That was a Melbourne creation (of course!)

If that doesn’t prove how deeply ingrained coffee culture is in Australia, we don’t know what is!

Love caffeine? You belong in Australia!


Your driver’s license

You can’t let your working holiday in Australia go by without at least one road trip!

Australia is one of the best countries for the adventurous type. With its sheer size, untamed wilderness and bustling cities, there’s always something to explore.

Why not rent a caravan (an RV, as the Americans call it) or van and drive around to see the sights while you’re here?

If you truly want to see everything Australia has to offer, a driver’s license is a must. If you already hold a license in your home country, make sure you bring it with you!

You can read more about whether your license is recognised in each state here, and register for an international driving permit here.


Get to know our lingo…

Unique Aussie slang can often fascinate our international friends.

We shorten words, love a pun, and can leave non-Aussies with a perplexed look on their faces.

Some Aussie slang you should know (and will become familiar with very quickly!):


A man.

“He’s a good bloke.”



“I want to buy some new boardies for my trip to Byron Bay.”


A cup of tea or coffee.

“Shall we have another cuppa to make it through the rest of this night shift?”



“I have a ton of mozzie bites after that BBQ yesterday afternoon.”


In this case, not to yell, but to take care of the bill e.g. for a meal or drink; a treat

“How much do I owe you for dinner?”

“ Don’t worry about it – my shout!”


…and the footy

Sport is in our DNA.

Cricket. Tennis. Rugby. Soccer. No matter the sport, if it’s got a ball, we’re interested!

One of the most unique games here is of course Australian Rules Football (or AFL, or, most popularly, “the footy”). 18 teams from across the country compete from April to September with the goal of winning the coveted Premiership.

During the season, you’ll find us talking almost non-stop about the footy, while in the off-season, we’ll be pining for its return and talking about how much we miss it.


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