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Nursing 4 February 2022

Meet The You+Aus Team – Sarah

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Meet Sarah – Part of the You+Aus Team

1. Tell us a bit about your background – country of origin, growing up, etc

I grew up in a small town in the middle of Ireland where everyone knows everyone. It was great to have such a great sense of community around, but I began to feel I needed something a bit more. I studied business studies at the Athlone Institute of Technology and then decided to move to London when I was 19. I loved the change from small-town life to living in such a big, beautiful city. I spent 3 years working in hospitality and retail until I finally decided to make the big move to Australia with my best friend in 2015, which was such an exciting adventure.

2. Describe your journey to Australia and how you started working at You+Aus

Once we said our goodbyes and had our trip planned and booked, we set off on our big move. We travelled for the first few months before heading off to do our Farm Work as we knew after a week of landing that we definitely wanted a second year here!! After my farm work, I spent a year in New Zealand, which was amazing, but I missed Sydney so much I couldn’t wait to get back after my year was up. I went back to working in a beautiful family-run café in the CBD for a few years before I decided to start a new chapter in my career with Australian Nursing Agency Network (ANAN), now known as You+Aus (You and Aus). As soon as I saw the job role and met the team, I knew You+Aus was going to be an amazing place to work!

3. Explain your role at You+Aus and what candidates can expect from you

After 2.5 years working with the allocations team at NNA, a boutique nursing agency in Sydney which is part of the You+ Aus boutique agency of brands, I began to get really interested in the recruitment side and felt I could use what I had learned from working with the hospitals and nurses so closely to really find the best candidates for the agencies. We have so many nurses that relocate from overseas which I can relate to due to making the move myself. I will always be happy to share my experience and tips that I wish I had known when I first came over and hopefully help alleviate some of the stresses that come with the move.

Describe the agency environment from your perspective and what a nurse can expect when working with one of our agencies

One of the best parts of the working agency is the experience you gain from being able to work in different facilities throughout each state, whilst also having the flexibility of choosing the shifts that suit you. I also find that there is a great sense of community throughout our agencies, including the allocations teams, nurses and hospitals with that we work so closely. There is always someone willing to help, whether you’re just signing up or you have been there for years.

5. What are some of the highlights from your time in Australia?

There are nearly too many to mention, but my top 5 would be:

  • The amazing people I have met throughout the years
  • The beautiful weather and beaches
  • Snorkelling in the great barrier reef
  • Swimming with crocodiles in Darwin
  • Skydiving in Sydney

6. What were some of the challenges?

  • Being so far away from home
  • Knowing what visa’s to get
  • Remembering to use sun cream, especially with my fair skin!!

7. What can a nurse or midwife do to best prepare themselves for a move to Australia?

  • Having your AHPRA registration and all paperwork in order for when you land
  • Organise a place to stay that is central to start with, I find Facebook has some great pages that help with this
  • Do some research on the state you want to live in and the hospitals that they have, so you have some idea of the area
  • Don’t overpack!!

8. What are you most looking forward to about You+Aus?

I am most looking forward to helping so many nurses to better their skills whilst gaining great experience working with some of the best agencies in Australia. Also, having the opportunity to help alleviate some of the stresses on the healthcare system in Australia by supplying them with experienced, versatile nurses.

Sarah from the You+ Aus team will be there to assist all of our nurses and midwives interested in moving to Australia. Register with You+Aus to get the process started (even if you have already started we will still be able to help). Sarah and the You+ Aus team can provide assistance with getting AHPRA registered, finding a suitable visa, searching for accommodation options and more. Get your journey started today and register with You+Aus.

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