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Nursing 10 December 2017

Mental health nursing in Australia with You+Aus

According to the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing, almost half (45%) of the Australian population (8.5 million people) aged between 18-65 will experience a mental disorder at some stage.

However, only one-third of people (34.9%) with a mental health disorder used health services for their mental health problem – that means almost two-thirds of people with a mental health disorder go completely untreated.

Mental health is important – and all too often, ignored – field of health in Australia.

Fortunately, that’s all tipped to change with increases in government funding for mental health initiatives in the coming years. This means plenty of job opportunities for aspiring mental health nurses in both the private and public sectors in Australia coming up in the pipeline.

Are you a mental health nurse from the UK, Ireland, Canada, the US, or New Zealand, interested in mental health nursing opportunities in Australia? You+Aus (You and Aus) want you to join the team in Australia! Register with us today.

Mental health nursing

In 2015, it was estimated that about 1 in 15 (6.9%) nurses (both registered and enrolled nurses) employed in Australia worked as mental health nurses.

And with additional funding being earmarked for mental health services nationwide, there’s never been a better time to register as a mental health nurse in Australia.

It gets better, though: these opportunities are also available to overseas nurses who wish to gain valuable nursing experiences… all while exploring the Land Down Under!

Once you become part of the mental health sector, nurses will most likely deal with various mental disorders including the following which have the highest prevalence rates:

    • Affective disorders
    • Anxiety disorders
    • Substance abuse disorders

Be a mental health nurse in Australia

If you are an overseas nurse and are interested in a diverse and fulfilling career opportunity in mental health nursing in Australia, register with You+Aus today.  

Our goal is to connect you with job opportunities in nursing in the land down under – such as mental health – all while being able to freely explore the beautiful Australian continent and all that it has to offer.

If you choose to become part of You+Aus, you can choose to work as a mental health nurse on a casual, contract or permanent basis. It all depends on your availability!

Basically, work whenever, wherever – your time belongs to you, so use it as you like.

You can work in all areas within the mental health field including:

    • Adult Specialist Services
    • Aged Persons’s Mental Health
    • Child and Adolescent Mental Health
    • Forensic and Correctional Services

Get started with You+Aus

You and Aus through its family of boutique healthcare agencies will be able to assist you in getting ready to work and live in Australia. Then it’s up to you to decide where you want to work and if you want casual or more permanent work. Some of the benefits of moving to Australia with You and Aus are:

    • Flexibility with casual and contract work
    • An exciting and friendly country
    • Improved patient-to-staff ratios
    • Great nursing pay rates
    • Support in getting set up and work-ready in Australia

If this sounds like a dream to you, You+Aus will be with you every step of the way to turn it into a reality.

In fact, getting started is easy. Here’s how it works:


1.  Registration


Joining You+Aus is simple: just fill in this registration form. You can also attach your CV if you’d like. You can also tell us what Visa you have (if you don’t have one not to worry). We can assist you with determining which Visa is right for you.


2. Evaluation and verification


Our recruitment team will then assess your eligibility and you may be required to submit the following:

    • A copy of your CV
    • A current Police Check or Working with Children Check
    • Names of two professional referees

If you meet our criteria, we will be in touch to start the nurse registration process as well as other important details like your estimated arrival date in Australia.


3.  Interview


Here’s where things start getting interesting. The interview is often one of the most intimidating parts of any job application – trust us, we know.

At You+Aus, we do what we can to make the interview process as easy as possible. You don’t have to wait until you’ve landed in Australia to go forward with your interview – we are more than willing to accommodate you by conducting the interview either by phone or online if from our international office!

During the interview process, we will be requesting you to submit specific material, including:

    • Your nursing registration certificate with AHPRA (if you already have it)
    • Your original qualification
    • Evidence of years of service postgraduate
    • Your tax file number (if you have one)
    • Your bank details
    • Your immunisation record

If you do not have an AHPRA nursing registration certificate, you can read about how you can become AHPRA registered here. We can support you in getting AHPRA registered, so don’t worry!


4. Testing, testing…


Once you have submitted the required documents, we will ask you to take a competency assessment related to your field or a drug calculation test.

Our competency tests are quick tests aimed at uncovering your experiences and know-how. All nurses will be required to take an evaluation specific to their specialisation.

We know, we know. How many hoops do you have to jump through?

Fortunately, you’re not far from the end now!


Start working with You+Aus!


If you have completed all the steps that we have mentioned above and your application has been approved and accepted by our recruitment staff, you are now ready to start working in Australia with one of our boutique healthcare agencies – congratulations!


Get started as a mental health nurse with You+Aus today

We pride ourselves on the variety and flexibility we offer to all of the nurses that work for us. Spontaneous road trip? Want to explore the coast for a week? Maybe you want your working holiday to be less work, more holiday?

No drama when working in Australia as a casual nurse. All you have to do is let the agency know when you can’t work or are planning to take time off so they won’t bother you with booking into shifts. Easy as that! Register with You and Aus today to get started.