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Nursing 17 November 2017

Nursing in Melbourne: why choose our great city?

Are you keen to make the move to Australia as an overseas nurse? We’re here to give you that final push to convince you to start the incredible journey of nursing in Melbourne.

Melbourne is a city quite like no other and is the pinnacle of modern living!

It has been named the most livable city in the world for seven years in a row, ranking high in healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure.

Located on Port Phillip Bay in the southeastern corner of Australia, Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and the capital city of the state of Victoria.

With so much to see and do, Melbourne is the perfect place to not only visit but live and work, too!

Are you a nurse who wants to earn a great living while enjoying Melbourne as a local? When you work with You+ Aus, we can facilitate for you to work in Melbourne through our family of boutique healthcare agencies. Join You+Aus today

1. Melbourne is the sporting capital of the world!

Melbourne is widely known as the sporting capital of not only Australia but the world, too.

It’s ingrained in our blood; a kind of rite of passage that’s compulsory if you want to call yourself a Melburnian!

Melbourne hosts a large number of national and international sporting events at our two greatest arenas, the MCG and Etihad Stadium.

Home to AFL – better known as Aussie Rules or simply “the footy” – Melbourne is the city where most of its games are played in, with 10 of AFL’s 18 teams originating from one of Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

Played during the winter months, AFL is steeped in colourful history and bitter rivalries!

Melbourne is also home to many international competitions and tournaments, including:

    • Australian Open (January)
    • Cricket Test Series
    • Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix (March)
    • Melbourne Cup Carnival and Spring Racing Festival (November)

2. Enjoy an exceptional nurse salary

A major pull of nursing in Melbourne is that you can enjoy some of the most impressive rates in the industry.

Melbourne also has some of the world’s best hospitals and facilities, making the experience you gain from working here worthwhile.

With convenient flexibility and ongoing staff support and care through our agencies, you’ll find nursing in Melbourne is the best way to earn enough cash to explore all the things this great city (and country) has to offer. If you decide that you want to work in another city or go on a rural and remote contract, we can organise for you to be transferred to one of our boutique healthcare agencies that can provide work in those areas.

3. Enjoy our beaches

Melbourne’s beaches are some of the best, stretching across the bay of Port Phillip. With so many beaches to choose from, you can enjoy beaches across almost the entire bay.

St Kilda Beach

The water here is practically wave-free and perfect for a swim or some kite surfing. Bonus: you’re close to trendy bars and cafes as well as attractions like Luna Park and the Palais Theatre.

Brighton Beach

The bathing boxes that line the sand at this beach are as iconic as they are pretty. They make for quite the Instagram post to make all your friends back home jealous!

Williamstown Beach

This is the ultimate spot to admire the city skyline. Head to the Gem Pier to enjoy stunning views.

Experience the quintessential Melbournian lifestyle, where a trip to the beach can be just a tram ride away! Enjoy the beautiful water, sand, and attractions littered across the coastline of this magnificent bay.

4. State-of-the-art nursing facilities

The facilities Melbourne has to offer are really second-to-none.

Our impeccable reputation with these hospitals ensures that we can easily secure places for our nurses across a range of specialties somewhere in Melbourne!

5. Vibrant art and culture

Melbourne is a diverse place rich in art and culture just waiting to be discovered by locals and visitors alike! It’s home to many incredible venues, including:

    • Arts Centre Melbourne
    • The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)
    • Melbourne Museum
    • Melbourne Zoo
    • Melbourne Aquarium

The city is also teaming with dozens of shopping malls (like Melbourne Central or the pedestrian- and tram-only Bourke Street Mall) where you can find all your favourite stores.

Make your way through Melbourne’s iconic laneways to discover hidden gems and quirky bars and restaurants, where good food and live music await.

6. Coffee

There’s one thing Melburnians do better than any other city, and that is making good coffee!

You’ll find it hard to wander around the city without finding a good coffee shop on every other street corner.

Get the best of both worlds as an overseas nurse

Nursing in Melbourne offers the best of both worlds: not only do you have the opportunity to earn attractive hourly rates and work in some great facilities, you simultaneously get to experience Melbourne as a local!

With You+Aus, overseas nurses are doing the job they love, on their own schedule, in an exciting city just waiting to be explored!

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