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Article 4 April 2024

Why move to Australia as an Aged Care worker

Australia needs more aged care workers. With our ageing population and increasing healthcare needs, there are perfect opportunities for nurses looking for a sea change. Add to that the plethora of reasons to love living in Australia, and you’re guaranteed to love making the move.

Convinced yet? If not, we’ve got 10 good reasons why you’ll love moving to Australia and working here as an aged care worker.


1. Lots of opportunities

Australia’s ageing population has opened a tonne of different opportunities for aged care workers across the country. Our cities are filled with high-quality facilities seeking a variety of different aged care workers. You’ll find opportunities in nursing, personal care, counselling, and so much more.

You can check out our job board to see which aged care roles we have currently available. We’re regularly updating it so be sure to check in! If you don’t find your ideal role there, contact us and we can help you out.


2. Great pay

Aged care nurses looking for a pay boost will love Australia. On average, an RN in Australia will earn between $65,000 to $95,000 AUD. Meanwhile in the UK RN’s will earn between £23,000 to £35,000. For nurses moving to Australia, you could see close to a $30k AUD salary rise.

On top of that, Australia is often cheaper to live in than the UK. You’ll find cheaper utilities, petrol, and groceries in Australia. Although the UK can be cheaper for housing, depending on the part of the country you live in. Overall, this means you get to keep the majority of your pay rise!


3. Live, work, and play in the best cities in the world

Australian cities are often in the top 10 most liveable cities in the world. In the last ranking, for 2023 Melbourne and Sydney were both in the top 5! It tells Aussies what we already know, our cities are awesome.

Cities big or small are filled with so many things to do, places to visit, and tonnes of work opportunities. You’ll find beautiful greenspaces and beaches throughout most cities, as well as gorgeous national parks surrounding them. We’ve got some of the best food in the world thanks to Australia’s multiculturalism, an amazing live music scene as well as galleries and museums.

There are so many reasons our cities are so liveable!


4. Enjoy incredible regional towns

Beyond our cities are some of the most beautiful and charming regional towns. You’ll find incredible Gold Rush towns with beautiful Victorian architecture, coastal towns with painted beach huts, and country towns with classic tin roofs. Every town is unique, with its own culture, food, art, and fun.

The good news for those looking to live in a small town, most of these locations have a huge demand for aged care workers. These towns tend to have an older demographic and want to retire in place, so they need your care. Check out the You + Aus job board or get in touch with us as there are many regional towns, and we can let you know about the opportunities available.


5. Love the work/life balance

Australia is famous for its excellent work/life balance. Who doesn’t love spending the morning at the beach before heading into a shift, and then relaxing that night with a glass of Australian wine?

Nurses in Australia tend to work shorter shift hours with better nurse-to-patient ratios than nurses in the UK. This leads to far better work/life balance and less burnout. These benefits extend to aged care too, where you can expect better shift lengths and resident-to-nurse ratios. You’ll get to focus more on your residents’ care and enjoy life outside of work too!


6. Meet and work with incredible people

Australia is a diverse country filled with people from across the world, who have lived incredible lives, and tell equally as incredible stories. In aged care, you get to meet these people, work with them day-to-day, and hear about their lives. It’s a wonderful opportunity that makes your, and your residents’ days brighter.

You’ll also be working alongside some incredibly talented and lovely aged-care workers. They’re highly skilled and looking to help each other grow, while also enjoying a great work culture!


7. Education opportunities

If you’re looking for a country where you can truly develop your career and hone your skills, look no further than Australia. The country is home to some of the world’s leading educational institutes for healthcare, and actively encourages healthcare workers to upskill and grow through education. Many workplaces will provide courses for staff, or partner with external facilities to help their team grow. It’s the perfect opportunity to develop your career and grow your skills.


8. One of the best countries for families

Aged care workers with families want to find a country that is not only great for their career but is equally as great for their children. Fortunately, the OECD has put together a handy list ranking developed nations by how great they are to raise your kids in.

Australia ranks at number 8!

This is above the UK (14), Ireland (13), the USA (23), and New Zealand (9). Australia is known for it’s excellent education, safety, equality, social mobility, and opportunity. This, plus an attitude for providing incredible outdoor play spaces and activities for children, makes Australia amazing for children. If you want to give your family a high quality of life, plus advance your career in aged care, head on down!


9. High-quality healthcare facilities

Australia’s healthcare system is highly developed and advanced, giving healthcare workers access to the best technologies to help their patients. This extends to our aged care too! You’ll be working in incredibly modern facilities, with advanced technologies, alongside highly skilled aged care workers. With this backing you up, you can provide your residents with the best care to make a big difference in their lives.


10. Diverse opportunities across the country

If you’re the type who can’t sit still for too long then you’ll love the aged care opportunities in Australia. Through agency nursing (we’re a partner of a few awesome brands), you’ll be able to take on contracts across the country in both our major cities, smaller towns, and regional locations. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to move around and explore the whole country while working.



Australia is filled with career and lifestyle opportunities for aged care workers. It’s the perfect destination for anyone looking for a permanent sea change, or a working holiday. We’ve got lots of jobs available for aged care workers, so if you’re as excited about Australia as we are, get in touch!

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