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Article 29 February 2024

Why you’ll love living and working in Canberra in healthcare

Canberra is a city you should never sleep on. It may not be the city that you first think of when moving to Australia, but it’s one of Australia’s hidden gems. Known as the bush capital, this city is loved by locals, and filled with opportunity. If you’re looking for a career in healthcare in Australia then you’ll want to have Canberra high on your list.

If you need convincing to put Canberra on your top spots to move to, here are 13 reasons why it’s so great.


1. Career prospects

Canberra has an extremely strong and diverse economy. Despite Canberra’s reputation as a hub for government, it’s got so much more than government workers. 2 out of 3 workers are employed by the private sector. There’s also an extremely strong healthcare industry based out of Canberra, with a tonne of diverse job opportunities and a lot of demand.

This is all underpinned by higher-than-average incomes, high job growth, and a lot of investment in Canberra’s healthcare sector. We’ve had heaps of opportunities available for healthcare workers in Canberra. From radiographers to nurses, there are a lot of opportunities.


2. Education

Canberra is Australia’s most highly educated city, with its resident more than twice as likely to hold post-graduate qualifications than anywhere else in the country. And why wouldn’t they? The city is home to many of Australia’s top universities. Two of those universities are rated within the top 20-30% of universities in the world.

This means that for residents there is a culture of learning and upskilling. You’ll feel encouraged to pursue education to reach new heights in your career.

If you’re bringing your family over to Australia, they’ll also have incredible opportunities for education. Canberra is known for having great schools where your children will receive some of the best education in the world.

Canberra’s CBD and Lake Burley Griffin.

3. Easy to get around

No traffic, great public transport, excellent bike infrastructure, and short distances to everything make Canberra a transport heaven. Commutes in Canberra are some of the shortest in a major city, giving you more time to enjoy the things you love. You can zip across the city on its high quality roads and get to your destination fast, traffic free.

Of course, Canberra isn’t as public transport-friendly as cities like Melbourne and Sydney, but that doesn’t mean the transport is bad. There are a lot of busses to help you get around as well as an excellent light rail system. On top of that, there are extensive bike trails, paths, and protected lanes for when you want to get around on two wheels.


4. Safety

If you’re looking for an extremely safe city, then you’ll love Canberra. The city has some of the lowest crime rates in Australia. Residents can feel safe exploring the city, attending events, getting a bite to eat, and going to the many bars.

It’s a part of why Canberra has such a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. There are fun things to do for all ages safely.


5. Inclusivity and diversity

Inclusivity and diversity is at the centre of Canberra’s culture. It’s a city filled with diversity where people from across the world want to live and share their culture. With more than 26% of the population being born overseas, you’ll find incredible restaurants serving a variety of international cuisines, cultural institutions and clubs, as well as international art.

On top of that, Canberra had the highest support for marriage equality and is part of the welcoming cities network.


6. Four distinct seasons

Canberra is rare amongst Australian cities in that it has 4 distinct seasons. Summers are hot, winters are cool, and Spring and autumn are the perfect in betweens. So unlike some cities, the weather varies greatly across the year allowing you to enjoy each season’s activities to the fullest. It also means you get out of the hot and humid summers and slightly less hot and humid winters of some of the northern cities.


7. The bush capital

You may hear Canberra referred to as the Bush Captial, and there’s good reason for it. Not only is it the only state or territory capital in what Aussies would call “The bush”, it’s also surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural parks. These parks spread from the city centre outwards, with suburbs built between parks.

Bike and walking trails are crisscrossing these parks and the city, allowing you to access nature with ease. If you love going for walks, hikes, or just spending time in nature then you’ll love Canberra.


8. Fantastic museums

If you’re looking for fun educational experiences for the whole family to do on the weekend, then Canberra has it in spades. Living and working in Canberra gives you access to some of the best, and largest, museums and art galleries in Australia.

The National Museum of Australia holds some of the countries most significant historical objects. The National Gallery of Australia and the National Portrait Gallery are an art lovers delight, filled with both modern and traditional art. Then you’ve got Questacon. A science museum loved by children (and adults) across the country. It’s guaranteed to be a hit.


9. Lots to do

There’s even more to do in Canberra than museums and national parks. You’ll find incredible shopping, theatres, cinemas, and more across the city. The year is also filled with festivals and events like Summernats, the National Multicultural Festival, the Enlighten Festival, and Floriade. Canberra is filled with things to see and do year-round.


10. Work-life balance

There are so many great things to see and do in Canberra, so naturally you’ll want the work-life balance to do everything. Fortunately, Canberra has that in spades. Not only will you be working in a great job in healthcare, but you’ll enjoy the short commutes, lack of traffic, and great benefits of being an employee in Australia.


11. Housing options

From inner city apartments to quarter-acre blocks, you’ll find the right place to match your lifestyle. Canberra has a diverse housing market with different options across the whole city. You can find homes on websites like Allhomes or Zango.

The first thing to do when looking for a home is to find the right suburb. Each of Canberra’s town centres are filled with life, great shopping, and even better food. Find the suburb that matches your price range and lifestyle needs and go from there.


12. A food hotspot

Thanks to Canberra’s diverse population and access to farm fresh food, the city is renowned for its emerging dining scene. Some of the best and most creative restaurateurs have been flocking to Canberra. They’ve been setting up some of the best restaurants and cafes that you’ll find in Australia.


13. Well-connected

At just 3 hours drive from Sydney, 7 hours drive from Melbourne, and a 1-hour flight to both, Canberra is close to everything. If you want to visit either city and all they have to offer then you’re in the perfect spot to catch a plane or take a drive.

On top of that, you’ve got some of the best country towns on your doorstep. Towns like Yass offer small town shopping and fresh food, while a myriad of coastal towns are a short drive away, perfect for a weekend beach trip.



If you want to escape the big city lifestyle by moving into a small, fun city, then you’ll adore Canberra. It’s unrivalled opportunities for healthcare professionals and family0friendly lifestyle makes it desirable for many when making the move down under. If Canberra looks like the perfect spot for you, get in touch and we’ll find the perfect role for you.

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