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We’re Australia’s largest family of boutique healthcare agencies, offering flexible roles to professionals travelling to Australia from overseas.

We’re Australia’s largest family of boutique healthcare agencies, offering flexible roles to professionals travelling to Australia from overseas.


Australia is known for offering excellent work environments for nurses and other healthcare professionals. We also have great cities and natural wonderlands to explore; it’s time to find your perfect balance of work and play.

Patient ratios

Better working conditions in Australia with 1:4 or 1:6 patient to nurse ratios depending on the facility.


Choose the jobs and locations that suit you best, so can enjoy life outside of work.

Range of fields

Work in a diverse range of nursing and allied health fields, from wards and home care to community services.

Pay rates

Enjoy competitive pay rates, with the opportunity to work casually, overnight and on the weekends.

casual + permanent

We’re connected to a wide range of agencies to offer you casual and permanent opportunities across a variety of healthcare providers.

General Nursing

We provide nurses an abundance of opportunities to work in both private and public facilities within all major cities and in rural and remote locations. If you’re keen to explore Australia, and find casual work wherever you are, we can make that happen. And if you’re looking for a permanent position, we can help with that too. From the big cities to the outback, there are endless opportunities here in Aus.

Aged Care Nursing

The demand for aged care workers has never been stronger; there’s plenty of work available in Australia in clinical facilities or supporting people in their homes. Discover a variety of career avenues and training opportunities around the country.


A new Aussie baby is born every 100 minutes, and our healthcare system offers fantastic support for expectant and new mothers. Working as an agency midwife allows you to work in the private or public sector. In the public sector, midwifery is a hands-on role, as midwives take the lead in caring for women during labour.

Mental Health Nursing

Mental health nurses are in high demand. Since the beginning of Covid-19, nurses have provided a critical lifeline to a community struggling with the effects of illness and isolation. Data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare showed that were 7.2 million visits to mental health care facilities between June 2018 and September 2020. And the mental health sector is struggling to support those in need. As an agency mental health nurse, you can choose to work in general, psychiatric and secure hospitals, residential and nursing homes, community and rehab facilities or in special units within prisons. You’ll receive competitive pay and possibilities for career advancement and sub-specialisation.

ICU Nursing
ICU or critical care nurses work with intensive care, high dependency and coronary care patients, and there are many roles available around Australia — both in the cities and in rural areas. Our patient to staff ratios are 1:1 for ICU, 1:2 for high dependency units and 1:3 for coronary care.
Community Nursing

The need for nurses in the community healthcare sector is increasing in response to shorter hospital stays, an aging population and chronic disease. Through our family of healthcare agencies, we can place you in health centres, clinics and home care facilities. It’s a great way to gain experience in a diverse settings.

Theatre Nursing

Also known as a perioperative nursing, this role encompasses day surgery, recovery, anaesthetics and scrub scout. Theatre nurses are constantly in demand in urban, rural and remote locations.

Paediatric and PICU

An increasing number of childhood illnesses has seen a spike in demand for registered paediatric nurses. In Australia, paediatric nurses work in various healthcare settings, including acute care departments, community groups, schools and private practice.

Support Worker

Support work is a rewarding career; you’re making a huge difference in another person’s life. We’re always on the lookout for friendly, enthusiastic support workers who are interested in assisting people with disability to support them in living their best lives. We’re also looking for Youth workers to support young people in group homes, in-home and respite settings. We offer diverse roles and flexible hours as well as opportunities to transition into permanent work.

Allied Health

Allied health in Australia covers roles such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and podiatrists. Currently, we have opportunities for full-time roles around the country. Benefits can include salary packaging, flexibility, great pay and incentives for moving. The allied health workforce is expanding rapidly as demand grows across the aged care, mental health and disability sectors.


You+Aus will support you to up-skill in your preferred area of interest and maintain your CPD points while in Australia.

Mandatory and PD training

We partner with training agencies to keep you up to date with your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points — which are set at 20 hours minimum in Australia. Most classes are delivered online, at your own pace, giving you the tools you need to upskill and work in diverse healthcare spaces.

Up-skill with new qualifications

The healthcare industry is continually evolving: new technology, new techniques and new knowledge are essential in delivering best patient care. We provide you with access to accredited and non accredited training courses through our local agency training partnerships.

Choose to upskill into a new area or learn more about your specialty, and continue to be on top of your field.

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